After many years of procrastination, I’ve finally decided to start a blog. Wooohhhoooo!

What inspired me to finally write and let my thoughts, random and fleeting though they may be?  It was a few simple words said to me recently by someone I met in college. We barely knew each other but he told me that I inspired him to write, made him realise the power written words has.

It was one of the most flattering thing I’ve ever heard said about/to me and yet those words also put me to shame.

It reminded me of the years I’ve neglected my love for writing and storytelling – letting the skills rust, creativity die a slow death.

Yeah, yeah. I know I write for a living. But that’s to feed my tummy and pay the bills. This…this is something I want to do to feed my soul.

So, here I am. Finally starting the blog that I’ve been meaning to write since well…college.


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