The past eight months or so was a difficult one for me. Having my self confidence crushed, getting sucked into what I think is depression (never got it diagnosed but figured I should take the whole feeling of emptiness, hoping for the end to come earlier and general lack of enthusiasm for anything as a warning) and questioning some of the biggest life choices I’ve made and not really having any idea of how I could make things better was not easy.

So, as I approach my 30th birthday, I’ve decided to do at least one thing that makes me happy every day for 30 days.

I was supposed to start blogging about it from day 1 and update every day but I’m too lazy. Hence, the bulk updating every few days. Here goes!

Day 1: Carpentry class (and it was free too!)


It was a super simple one. All I had to do was arrange the stuff, screw it together and sand it so it’s smooth. Nothing I’ve not done before.

But I had fun doing it. It has been so long, it felt good to do something with my hands. Will I do it again? Yes!

Day 2: Getting Healthy

In the past year, I have put on 8kgs. Not surprising since I absolutely love food, but exercise not so much. Did a little bit of yoga stretches and basic HIIT. Unfortunately, since then I’ve only managed to squeeze in less than 30 mins of exercise every other day. Will get back to it.

Day 3: Impromptu day trip

One of my friends moved to another state (Perak) and I’ve been meaning to visit. Plus I love the food there. I didn’t really do much planning. Just got in my car, drove to the friend’s place and left it to him to bring me to all the awesome food places. We even went to the tourist center, grabbed a map and went for a heritage walk. All in all, it was a good day of catching up with an old friend and eating our hearts out.

The best tau fu faa I’ve had in forever. 

Day 4: Birthdays and laughter.

The first half of the day was spent being obstinate. I was bumming in bed when brother came to me asking me to make coffee. And I was like… wait a minute. Do I look like your maid? So I stayed in bed till 12p.m and dealt with disappointment of not getting to eat the food I was craving for for days (one didn’t have to do anything with the other)

The second part of the day, however, went well. Went out with a friend to get another friend flowers for her birthday, surprised her by inviting more people than she expected and spent a wonderful night just talking and laughing.

Bonus: I got an early birthday present! A book, a journal and a pen that I can take along when I travel next week. Weeeee.

Day 5: Bumming

Whole day just to myself to do whatever I wanted – reading, sleeping, eating and exercising 🙂


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